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The Dish: The Corner, Squeeze & Scoop Froyo Debut

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Welcome back to The Dish, where we track some of the latest restuarant debuts. See something we missed? Drop it in the tip jar.

HOLLYWOOD: After all the Doughboys drama, The Corner opened on the corner of Highland and Lexington today. As mentioned before, the restaurant came to fruition rather quickly, just some minor cosmetic changes—including getting rid of that omnipresent graffiti on the windows, new barrier for the outdoor tables—but the menu is very similar to Doughboys. Serving three square daily, from 7am to midnight. (1158 Highland Ave, 323.463.2220)

PASADENA: Pinkberry probably can't come after this one for stealing it's design/swirl/name: Squeeze & Scoop has a more rock-n-roll, futuristic vibe with it's raspberry-colored walls and shiny black stools, plus they had the Foo Fighters on the plasma TV when we popped in. About 10 different flavors (38-cents an ounce) and the kiddies were having a field day swirling their own frozen yogurt in the cups; the toppings bar was filled and clean. Mind you, this is two doors from the Cheesecake Factory on Colorado, with Pinkberry just two doors away from that around the corner on Fair Oaks. And yes, all the others all within spitting distance from that. (12 W Colorado Blvd, 626.356.0712)