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Fall Tracking: Church & State

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With so many new restaurants readying for fall debuts, we're here to keep you updated on the latest on each project. Thus, the Fall Tracking Report.

Initial Projection: April
Current Projection: Sept/Oct

The first announcement for Steven Arroyo's Church & State came about when the Biscuit Lofts building, which houses the brasserie, wasn't even open yet. As happens, the dates got pushed and pushed for the debut: In April, it was April; in June, it was "any day now," which we assumed meant August. Here we are heading into mid-September and the space looks just about finished (assuming Arroyo's going for the industrial-chic vibe) and hiring might be underway, so it can't be that far off. Everything from the design to the menu, expect classic Arroyo. We hear they want to open this month, but we'll say October to be safe. The locals must be chomping at the bit considering the only place to eat/drink on that block is Royal Clayton's across the street.
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