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EaterWire: Final 5x5 Chefs Collaborative Dinner, Ford's Fall Barbecue, Man Bites World Launched

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MID-CITY: The 2008 5x5 Chefs Collaborative dinners come to a close on Monday, September 22. Alain Giraud joins the others—Josiah Citrin, Michael Cimarusti, David Lefevre, Gino Angelini and Walter Manzke (sure, sans resto)—for the finale dinner at La Terza, proceeds of which go to the Southern California Chapter of Special Olympics. $150 per person, $215 with wine pairings. Contact the restaurant for reservations. [EaterWire]

CULVER CITY: Instead of having a weekly barbecue at the beginning of summer like like everyone else, Ford's Filling Station will start one this Sunday (9/21). Choose a couple meats (beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, Tuscan sausage, pork ribs) and a couple sides for $18. Starts at 3pm and goes through dinner service. [Eater Inbox]

LAUNCHED: Now in day 12, Man Bites World is the blog of a guy who plans to eat a different world cuisine every day until he runs out of options in what seems to be mostly the LA and Las Vegas areas. There are rules: Strive for authenticity, no days off, beverages don't count, no home cooking, and no buying some product online and calling that a meal. So far he's hit Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, Honduras and others. Sometimes it's so much like traveling, it's crazy. From his Twitter: "GFB lost her wallet last night. We're pretty sure she left it at the restaurant. They say no-Dar Maghreb, welcome to my Permanent Shit List." [EaterWire]

Ford's Filling Station

9531 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232 310 202 1470

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