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Sushi Roku might be ready for Scottsdale, but according to one dining critic, Scottsdale might not be ready for Sushi Roku: "My dinner at Sushi Roku, the flamboyantly glam Los Angeles import that just opened in the frighteningly hip W Hotel in Scottsdale, played out like a real Hollywood production: Almost everything about the evening seemed genuinely phony...It wasn't the clientele, sculpted women spilling out of torturously tight dresses and cool guys jangling the kind of necklaces last worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. It wasn't the atmosphere, ginned up by excruciating, bass-thumping decibel levels...It wasn't the phalanxes of useless security guys. Like the careers of Ryan Seacrest and Tori Spelling, two of the restaurant's investors, there was no reason for their existence." Quite simply, it was the food. Ouch. [AZ Central]

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