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Whitewashing the Taco Truck Controversy

When started their campaign to battle the ordinance that limited taco truck times in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, there were some disparaging comments posted on their blog:

"Wow, look at all these outsiders thinking they know what’s best for us poor brown folks. Twice a year they put down their quiche and lobster bisque to come slummin’ in the Eastside for some tacos - except those of you who stop by more often after scoring some weed in the projects...All you uppity white folks can get back in your Range Rovers and head to the Westside for some goat cheese pizza and creme brulee — and let us Mexicans work this out."
But here's where it gets fun. The guys behind SOTT tracked down the IP address for this commenter, "The Real East Los," and found it's registered to Los Angeles County. Even better, somone with the same exact IP address deleted the entire taco truck controversy from LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina's Wikipedia page (Molina proposed the ordinance). It's unclear if the poster came from government offices or the public library, but food, politics and technology: The wars are getting ugly.
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