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LA BBQ Fest Fallout

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Granted, it was the first year for the LA BBQ Fest that took place in Santa Monica this weekend, but it wasn't pleasant for some: "I heard someone was waiting over 1 hr for the L.C’s BBQ from Kansas City. We grabbed some ribs for ten bucks from Bandana’s in St Louis. Then we got in the massive line for a drink. One drink tent for all these people, unbelievable. But it’s a brilliant business plan by the event planners. Sell as many cheap tickets as you can, then once people see how long the lines are, they will want to upgrade to the VIP passes for $50. (Which gets you front of the line for each vendor.) Good thing the lines were so long, because there were no seats available, so we just stood in the next line as we ate our food...Don’t think I will be checking out anymore of these Drink, Eat, Wait events anytime soon." [Dig Lounge]