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Hometown Cuisine, Take 2

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Stemming from last week's Zocalo "Does LA Cuisine Exist" panel, the Haphazard Gourmet Girls are asking non-food scene people what they think about the LA food scene. This week, filmmaker Allison Anders, who thinks no such thing exists, and has a few choice words for two of LA's more popular cusines: "?apart from the fun joints and taco stands we can all stumble onto with our beloved Jonathan Gold, we have some of the worst Mexican food in the country right here in Los Angeles. If you go to Texas or to New Mexico, you can barely consider what we eat here passable as Mexican food. And for the place that contributed McDonald's, even fast food is better anywhere else in the country!" Wonder what she thinks about Glendale as the next culinary mecca. [HGG; ELA]