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The Futility of TableXChange

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It's about time to check in with TableXchange, the reservation "marketplace" that launced here in July. As we all know, especially if you follow the ResyFEED, tables are not hard to come by in this town except for both Mozzas, Craft, Cut, maybe Spago, and a few others thrown in for good measure. A service like this is unnecessary in LA, especially right now when business is slow everywhere. Desperate people may be willing to pay $15 for a hard-to-get 7:30pm Saturday night resy at Pizzeria Mozza; everyone else will go at an off time or wait for a spot at one of the bars. But this caught our eye: The Little Door? $5 for this Saturday? Save your money. We just called the restaurant and they have openings at 7pm, 7:15pm and 8:15pm...for free!
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