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On Location: Jian, Amandine, Amalfi, Figaro Spotted

The world gets introduced to our local restaurants and clubs via the many TV shows ("real" and fictional), commercials and movies that are filmed in LA. Here then, On Location to highlight who got screen time, even if it was just a drive-by moment.

1) The Hills: Before we get into the myriad restaurants Lauren Conrad & Co. pushed food around in this week's episode, let's go back to the previous ep for just one moment: It was the infamous Jian Korean BBQ sit-down with Audrina and Justin Bobby. The build up we personally witnessed—the table scope out, lights set up, a lot of standing around, and walking in and out of the door several times—boiled down to a few minutes at a table-top grill. On to this week: There was lunch at Amandine Patisserie on Wilshire Boulevard, dinner at Amalfi on La Brea (and not one mention that it's Adam Corolla's restaurant), an afterparty at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, and another lunch at Toast.

2) 90210: It was all about the Peach Pit a.k.a. Kokomo Cafe this week. The kiddies (and Nat!) were all there: meeting there, getting coffee there, drinking too much Dr. Pepper there, flirting there. Random shout outs to Craft, an unnamed pizza place in Silver Lake, and Spaceland.

3) Commercial: We've seen this one too, but Franklin Avenue caught the Carl's Jr ad that uses Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz.