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Murano Restaurant and "Murder?"

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There was an item tucked away in yesterday's Rush & Malloy gossip column that almost, almost escaped the Eater eyes. It has to do with Chris Paciello who, it says, is "a former mobbed-up club king...trying to make a new start in LA with his Murano restaurant" in West Hollywood, and some "murder" graffiti that was spray-painted on the front earlier this week. We never heard Paciello's name in conjunction with Murano, but we can verify, with the above picture taken just an hour ago, that there is no "murder" graffiti on the restaurant. But it was there: Several people saw it (and, what, forgot the pictures?), and Paciello told R&M that "vandalism is vandalism." So was it random, a joke or aimed at someone specific? Unclear. Co-owner Sandy Sachs confirms that Paciello consulted on the revamped lounge "which has brought new energy to the restaurant." Sounds like it.
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