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Coinless Servers

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A reader was at Lucky Strike yesterday and ran into a similar no-coinage policy found at Charcoal earlier this year: "Have you heard of this new phenom (or new to me at least) of the server keeping the silver? I took my daughter to dinner and didn't get my actual change back--just the bills. The server, Sterling, had been very good, and at first I thought he'd just made a mistake, but when I couldn't find him, I thought something was strange. I paid for a $42. 22 check with cash and I left him half of the tip I'd planned to leave. This pisses me off because it's so freaking cheap and short-sighted. I hate to punish the server, but he could have either told me the 'policy' or shown up to face my righteous wrath." So was the silver worth it, Sterling?

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