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BREAKING: Vinoteque Can't Serve Wine, Shutters

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Photo by Alen Lin

CULVER CITY: We heard from a few people that Vinoteque, the newish wine bar with live music and a good tapas menu, was about to lose it's liquor license, and just as we reached out to confirm, this newsletter hit the inbox:

Dear Musicians, Event Organizers and Friends of Vinoteque,

Regrettably, Vinoteque was unable to secure a permanent Wine & Beer Permit from the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control).

Therefore, we are forced to cancel your performances/events for the months of September, October and November.

We are reapplying for the license, but the process will take several months. We will contact you if the situation changes.

Thank you for all you've done and/or were geared up to do to make us a premier West Side performance venue, for your support and your talent.

With best regards,
Alex Shteyman
Music director/owner

Vinoteque opened in April, and while people found it an enjoyable venue, something about the neighborhood wasn't working out (which may be a reason why the temporary license wasn't renewed), or that maybe it's not as pedestrian-friendly as downtown Culver City or too off-the-beaten path. But that's neither here nor there when a wine bar can't serve wine.
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