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Trend Alert: Obama vs. McCain in Food

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Susiecakes treats (left); Mrs. Beasley's via Fast Food Maven

This question was bound to come sooner or later: Who tastes better, Obama or McCain? Susiecakes (Brentwood, Calabasas, Newport Beach) just started a line of left- and right-leaning baked goods, which may come in handy to serve during the debates (or to possibly whip at the opposition): Republicans' Red State red velvet or Democrats Blue State vanilla (huh? Obama is so not vanilla) cupcakes, or donkey and elephant sugar cookies. The Fast Food Maven sampled McCain and Obama cookies from Mrs. Beasley's (Palin and Biden cupcakes, too), found that Baskin-Robbins is serving Whirl of Change and Straight Talk Crunch ice cream, and Diedrich Coffee has McCain and Obama blends. While all of that sounds delicious, we're holding out for Chipotle's carnitas-and-lipstick burrito.
· Food retailers turn Obama & McCain into tasty treats [FFM]