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Plywood Report: Le Saint Amour, Art Cafe, Toscanova, Pourtal, More Buttercake Bakery and Barney's Beanery

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, where we round up the latest restaurants making their way to the scene. Got a tip? Send it here. Photos always welcome.

1) Culver City: Someone noticed progress and then some stallage at Le Saint Amour, Bruno and Florence Herve-Commereuc's new brasserie. They were shooting for an August debut, but it looks like major kitchen appliances (stove!) are just now coming in. Touted as an authentic French brasserie with a cozy atmosphere, "impeccable wines," and Bruno's homemade specialties, is this major competition for the Bistro de L'Hermitage next door? We suspect this will happen soon this fall. [PLYWOOD]

2) Pico/Robertson: A reader query: "So there’s a restaurant location at the corner of Robertson and the Southwest side of Cashio (south of Pico) that has changed from a lame expensive Italian joint to a lame expensive ‘Fusion Sushi' joint named Fu-Zen. Well Fu-Zen didn’t last long and now they’re ripping the place apart to make it something else. Any leads on what it might be? I’m crossing my fingers for a brewpub but I’m sure there’s a .05% chance that’s the case" Public records show that something called Art Cafe and Restaurant is moving in. That's all we've got for now. [PLYWOOD]

3) Century City: A new Italian restaurant called Toscanova is planned for the former Harper's space at the Westfield mall. Per a tipster: "The wall's been up for a few weeks now. Interiors are being done by RGA Studio on Melrose. They did Bar Pinxto, Boule, Ago Vegas, etc." A mall rep says December is a tentative target. [PLYWOOD]

4) Santa Monica: Something called Pourtal is planned for a space next to Ocean Avenue Seafood. What we know: Per the CUP application, it will be a wine bar and shop, possibly with a self-serve Enomatic tasting system, a patio. Food of some sort will have to be served. This should be interesting with Bar Pintxo nearby. [PLYWOOD]

5) West Hollywood: A reader spotted "Coming Soon Buttercake Bakery" signage in the back of Sunset Plaza near Chin Chin. This will be Logan Leyant's second location for the bakery. [PLYWOOD]

6) Mid-City: Blackburn & Sweetzer spotted new ownership license hanging at Zen Grill on 3rd Street. Finally. Incoming: no name yet, but one of the owners used to be involved with La Finestra in Tarzana. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

7) Burbank: More loud TVs, more burgers, more chili: Barney's Beanery will open a new location on Palm Avenue in early November. [PLYWOOD]