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The Dish: Desert Rose, Church & State Open

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Welcome back to The Dish, our look at some of this week's restaurant debuts. Did we miss something? Send it our way.

LOS FELIZ: Maybe the giant lit rose at Desert Rose is supposed to act as a beacon for diners because we witnessed the "art" in all its nighttime glory on Friday, and come Saturday, there were people dining on the patio. The restaurant is officially open for business—lunch and dinner (daily) for now, breakfast to come in a few days. The menu sounds extensive, Mediterranean (French, Italian, etc.), chicken, pastas, salads. [1700 Hillhurst St, 323.666.1166]

DOWNTOWN: A tipster spotted an investor's dinner at Church & State over the weekend, and sure enough, Steven Arroyo's new brasserie finally opens on the ground floor of the Biscuit Lofts today. This isn't much of a shock: Last week's Fall Tracking revealed subway tiles, furniture and filament light bulbs in place, and we heard they breezed through final inspections and would open any day. It's a boon for the neighborhoood, but as Angelenic points out, it's going to take more than the locals to fill the space on a regular basis. Expect the classics: frisee aux lardon, steak frites, cassoulet, plus a full booze spectrum (not just beer and wine). Dinner only for now. [1850 Industrial Street, Arts District; phone TBA]

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