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EaterWire: Maybe More Stroh's, More Late Night Eats, DOH Woes in Toluca Lake

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VENICE: About that Stroh's closure, maybe it's not the end after all: "We're an office full of Stroh's breakfast burrito lovers and apparently Stroh's is closing but not forever... Jason said they would reopen, just not sure where yet. Bummer as that was a rad location." We guess this means story is developing. [Eater Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: On the tail of our late-night eats discussion, Cafe Was let's us know it also serves food until 2am. The email is pure Ivan Kane wackiness: "classic cocktails / extensive wine and champagne menu selected spirits by the flask?take a journey into a bohemian, reflective dream world in our mezzanine absinthe bar?On the piano ? a gravel and whisky catalogue of music." [Eater Inbox]

TOLUCA LAKE: Some Department of Health updates from a reader: "Walking home with my fiancee from Robano's in Toluca Lake, I spotted that Eight-18 had a 68% health score on their window. I looked it up... Vermin. Then, yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite places for breakfast--Pappoo's, also in Toluca Lake. A notice of closure. The notice simply read, "Health Code 119259.1..." And then simply the word, "Cockroaches." Utter disappointment, I've been going there once a week for a while now." [Eater Inbox]

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