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Reminders: Tipping is Customary

Ah, another summer has passed, we've officially entered into fall, and that's as good a time as any to express our undying gratitude to you tipsters and contributors who keep us afloat with all the rumormongering, gossip and pictures sent in daily. Los Angeles is a big place, and we can't possibly be everywhere at once. We can't do this crazy thing without you. For you newbies (and there are many!), a little primer on how to get involved---we know you're as obessed as we are:

The Eater Tipline: Did your favorite coffee shop close in the neighborhood? You saw what chef just storm out? Perhaps your night at Gordon Ramsay was laughable and you need to vent in the Eater Complaints Dept, or saw a celeb for the StarWatch. For all that and more, please send your thoughts and info to, our tip line, our lifeblood. And remember: All tips are anonymous unless you don't want to be, especially for you sneaky industry insiders. Don't forget to put that iPhone to good use, too. Photos--Plywood, "coming soon" or teary shutter signs, worst seats---are strongly encouraged.

The Eater Flickr Pool: We welcome any and all restaurant and food photography in the Eater Flickr Pool. Not only do we use the pool to spot something we may have missed, but the more submissions we get, the more likely we can start hightlighting them in the Best of the Eater Flickr Pool. Yes, even including food porn shots. Your mom would be proud. It's as easy as one, two, three: Create a Flickr account (if you don't already have one, click on the Eater Flickr Pool along the right side of this page, select "Join This Pool," and voila! You can upload restaurant-centric shots right away. Keep on keepin' on.