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Joe Torre on LA's Food Scene

Dodgers manager Joe Torre is just fine with taking over our baseball team and leading them to a damn good season (and watching the Yankees flounder. ha!). LA suits him just fine, just keep the wheatgrass away: "I'm proud of myself for taking a step into the health-focused L.A. food culture, but I think the next thing I try will be something a little less outlandish... like sushi or blowfish. As for wheatgrass? Hey, I can say I tried it, and be perfectly satisfied that my grass of choice is in the outfield at the ball park." Yes wheatgrass juice tastes like liquid turf, but someone needs to tweak that antiquated view of LA as the Health Food Capital of the U.S. We've come a long way since "Annie Hall," Joe. Someone get that man a bacon dog. [Torre Stories]

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