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Republic Coda: Resto and Lounge Officially Done

Although plans were underway to transform West Hollywood's Republic into a new nightclub and lounge, sounds like things are over for Mikayel Israyelyan and that space. First, a commenter: "Rumor has it that the owners of Republic have left the bldg as of this week... interior renovations underway, now there was some talk of an eviction." Plus, invitations went out for an Emmy party at Six Fifty North with Republic's address, and when a tipster called to check about it, a staffer told her that Republic was re-opening under a different name and to check back for the debut soon (which is what they said in August). Well, not so much. There are supposedly legal notices on the doors and according to The Guide, "Locks have been changed, and building owners have re-taken possesion of the La Cienega property." The phone is out of service, too. Sounds done and done.
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