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EaterWire: Beacon's Secret Burger, J's Kitchen Taking Stroh's Space, Sila's Bargain Dinner

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CULVER CITY: Add this to the "secret menu" list: Usually only served at lunch, Beacon's bruger is available by special request in the evenings, as well. It's a half-pounder with caramelized onions, Nueske bacon, gruyere cheese and sweet soy glaze, which kind of sounds like an Asian-inspired version of Father's Office burger just a hop and a skip away, but here you can probably say "no onions." [EaterWire]

VENICE: As previously mentioned, Stroh's Gourmet closed just two weeks ago, and its replacement is already in the works: A Japanese import, J's Kitchen will serve up "vegan fare with Tokyo flare" by October, says the Daily Dish. The menu from her Japanese restaurant reveals lots of soy meat and tempeh, organic brown rice and other healthful options. [Daily Dish]

SILVER LAKE: The newish Sila Bistro is offering a $25 prix fixe "bank bailout blues" menu weekdays from 5pm to 7pm. The menu is pretty straightforward: Choice of soup du jour or salad, roasted chicken leg, wild salmon or braised short ribs, and dessert, changes regularly. [EaterWire]