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Top Chef Marcel Spotted: Living, Working in LA

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The last time anyone heard from Top Chef Season 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron was this summer when he got arrested for DUI in Laguna Beach. But we spotted Vigneron at the Red Hot @ Red Seven event on Friday and, being the TC obsessives that we are, decided to introduce ourselves knowing that he would probably accuse Eater of being mean and then burst our bubble and turn out exactly like he was on TV. Which in fact, is exactly what happend. The meeting went something like this:

Us: "Hey, Marcel, we're so excited to meet you! We're from Eater LA."
Him: "Oh, you're the ones who write all that shit about me."
Us: "No, we just link to all the other people who say shit about you. Don't shoot the messenger."
Him: Mumbles something inaudibly while sipping a cocktail, never making eye contact, looking at and giggling with his friends.
Friend of Eater walking away: "That guy is kind of a douche."
Even with the punch-drunk teenager antics, we were still kind of thrilled to meet the Wolverine-lookalike-psuedo-rapping chef and asked the obligatory questions: What are you doing these days? Why are you in LA? How's the Top Chef thing working out for you? Who's driving tonight? Turns out Vigneron is currently a permanent resident of Los Angeles working with Jose Andres at The Bazaar at SLS, which he says, will open on November 14. Wonder if he's run into the other former cheftestant and new LA resident, Season 2 winner Ilan Hall, yet?
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The Bazaar by Jose Andres

465 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 Visit Website