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New Mall Dining: Take a Bao Bows Tomorrow

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Yep, that's Don Dickman, consulting chef, in there

There's something about the Westfield Century City mall: Any time a new restaurant, even a counter, debuts or is about to, the people just get so excited. And so we have Take A Bao, which finally opens tomorrow (yes, in time for lunch.) We've been getting emails about the plywood for months, and one excited tipster grabbed a menu and scanned it for us today. Owner Brent Stein said that as soon as the barricade came down on Tuesday people have been coming up ready to taste. Then again, it is in a pretty prime spot in the food court whose most popular counter is the Panda Express. The gist with the menu: Turning the traditional steamed bun (bao) into a sandwich with fillings like pomegranate skirt steak, crispy fish, sesame chicken or sweet chili-glazed tofu. There are also noodle dishes, rice bowls and salads, and for the really carbophobic, the buns can be replaced with lettuce. But then it won't be Take a Bao, it would be Take a Lettuce Wrap. Here's the menu. (10250 Santa Monica Blvd; website)
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