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BREAKING: Miyagi's, Ming & Mi, and Dodd Mitchell

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Photo from Yelp

We don't have full details on this story yet, but here are the breadcrumbs: There was a huge banner hanging on Miyagi's last week with the words "Ming & Mi" and Dodd Mitchell highlighted. The sign is no longer there (too big according to the city of West Hollywood regulations), but we called Dodd Mitchell Design corporate office to find out what this Ming & Mi is all about and got very few details: It is a "new concept" designed by Mitchell and will be in the Miyagi's location. So a stylish Asian-esque restaurant designed by Mitchell on the Sunset Strip...wouldn't that be Katana? As for Miyagi's, the website is down but the very annoying voicemail is still intact---"The biggest sushi restaurant IN THE WORLD!"---and we couldn't get a person on the phone to confirm if the restaurant is still open or when it's closing. Stay tuned.

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