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A Day in the Life of Gordon Ramsay: Whines About LAT Review, Puts Foot in Mouth Again

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We don't which part of this two-part story is the better lede. Let's go with Gordon Ramsay offending one of his customers because it just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A woman "thick in the middle" was getting a personal tour of the kitchen and after noting her order of no dairy, wine or cheese he asked, "When are you due, sweetheart?" She burst into tears, he says, because she was just fat, not pregnant. She should've told him his restaurant was worthy of only one star and see how he likes it.

Which leads us to the second part: Old Gordo isn't too pleased with Miss Irene's two-and-a-half star review of his West Hollywood outpost, and he wants to take it up with the critic himself: "Tell me, what does she look like? When I see her I’m going to wine her and dine her and make love to her passionately and try to get three stars.... C’mon! Tell me what she looks like?" Isn't he cute. One, shouldn't the chef be more worried about offending his adoring fans, the paying customers, than wooing the critic? Two, as we've heard many times in this town: If your FOH people don't know what the very non-anonymous LAT restaurant critic looks like, they shouldn't be running your restaurant. Three, just ew. And four, if you really want to keep up the charade and insist you don't who she is (even though she was entirely starstruck by you), Gordo, maybe we can help.
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