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Breakfast 'Buckswire

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We brought the news last week that Starbucks newest scheme idea is to launch new breakfast items, and that starts today. They "broke the code" on oatmeal! Now serve rolls with jam! A new muffin! Nothing smells. The OC Register's Fast Food Maven asked company flacks why they are pushing this, yet another, new agenda when Howard Schultz promised the coffee juggernaut would be getting back to basics---actual coffee. The answer: "Starbucks promised to re-engage and inspire partners; reignite customer passion; and deliver innovative growth platforms worthy of Starbucks coffee. Starbucks new fall foods are a perfect example on how Starbucks is committed to providing exceptional experiences for customers. The new fall foods pair great with Starbucks morning beverages." Ah yes, it all makes sense now. [ELA; FFM]

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