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Food Donation For Peace

An avid reader seems to be in a bit of a pickle and asked for our help: "I'm volunteering for a not for profit organization called Peace Jam which is putting on a conference called Global Call to Action at Loyola Marymount University on Sept. 11-13. Basically, it's a gathering of Nobel Peace laureates (one being Archbishop Desmond Tutu) who come together to inspire peace among 3,500 youth attendees from around the globe. We had a company who arranged to provide us with raw food (volunteers were going to put together sandwiches, etc) for 5 meals (two breakfast, two lunch, one dinner) and they just backed out. So now we are stuck, have 3,500 kids from around the world and no food. Can you please put a call for food on your website? It's for a great cause." We don't do this often but we're all for peace, so here you go: If you or someone you know can help, or for more details, contact Jess Otto at [EaterWire]

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