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Sounds of Sang Yoon

Sang Yoon appears on the KCRW Guest DJ project talking rather prolifically about music, food, cooking and how the sounds you hear at Father's Office are basically his iPod: "I'm trying to please the palette, I'm trying to please your sense of smell. And in music, I really think it's the same process. We're layering things and we don't want to hit sour notes and we don't want to be flat or sharp, we want to be in tune. And I think great cooking is like great music. There's a balance to it you're trying to achieve and I think I find a great connection between great culinary experiences and great music for myself. They're one and the same." Sang's picks: songs from U2, Helen Stellar, Radiohead, Band of Horses and Arcade Fire. It's no sexPod (ie. Padma and Garth Trinadad. Hot.), but it's a good listen. [KCRW]

Father's Office

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