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Doughboys Coda: The Corner Coming to Highland

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When Doughboys shuttered on Highland, it triggered a huge response not only from fans (and detractors), but from owner Frank Waldman who wrote a 2,244-word explanation of why his original 3rd Street location as well as the second outpost closed. The last sign hanging on the Highland building claimed it was closed for "much needed repairs and renovations," which offered a glimmer of hope that, perhaps, the restaurant would somehow make a comeback. It might not be Doughboys, but something is definitely happening there.

From a tipster:

"I just drove past Doughboy’s on Highland today and noticed that they put a railed enclosure on the outside of the building presumably for sidewalk dining and look to be cleaning and doing some other stuff inside. The butcher paper that was on the windows was taken down on a few panes and several workers were milling about inside and out. The most interesting thing though, is the “pending alcoholic beverage permit” sign on the window. Now, I’m a glass is half full kinda guy, but when Doughboy’s said it was closing for some much needed renovation, I thought that was the end. But here we are not more than a month or two after their closing and it looks like they’re pretty close to opening back up, at least from what I saw today."
Hopefully they'll finally do something about that graffiti, too. We don't know if Waldman is still inolved with this operation, but according to that ABC permit---which includes both on- and off-premise sales, meaning that maybe wine and/or beer can be purchased to drink there and to go---one Ferris Wehbe is listed as the primary owner with a new business name, The Corner. According to his website, Wehbe has been involved with Hollywood Media District redevelopment for years, but we haven't confirmed if he's opening this new restaurant or if he's just the landlord holding on to the licensing for now. All neighborhood eyes (and cameras) on deck.
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