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StarWatch: Governator at R+D, Giada at Anisette, Clint at Fab's, K-Fed at Malibu Seafood and MORE

Just a few StarWatches this week. We'll take any and all of those celeb sightings right here. "Starwatch" in the subject line is helpful.

R+D KITCHEN: In on Monday, Labor Day, (8/1) we overheard a bartender excitedly tell a rapt yet drunk audience that the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was in for lunch earlier that day. [StarWatch]

S&W COUNTRY KITCHEN: An operative spotted Page Kennedy (U-Turn from Weeds) dining by himself at the Culver City diner on Labor Day. "He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'the man' with an arrow pointing up and 'the legend' with an arrow pointing down." [Eater StarWatch]

ANISETTE: A tipster spotted Giada De Laurentis at the SM bistro on Sunday (8/310). "I can see how she stays thin---she didn't seem to have an entree of her own but just picked at her husband's steak frites. Everyone seemed to be having a great time though!" [Eater StarWatch]

IL SOLE: Nicole Richie and Kimberly Stewart having dinner in West Hollywood, giving the evil eye (i.e. "awkward glances") to Richie's former stylist Rachel Zoe across the room. Spotted the same night. Molly Sims. [People]

FAB'S: Sitting in a booth at the recently re-opened Sherman Oaks resto last week, Clint Eastwood "speaking in hushed tones while dining with Sinatra's favorite opening comic, Tom Dreesen." [Defamer]

MALIBU SEAFOOD: K-Fed was spotted at the PCH resto on Friday (8/29), "did not look overly douche-y." [Defamer]

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