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Froyo Wars Cont.: Cloud Top, N'iceCream, Toppings

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PASADENA: Found in the Eater LA Flickr Pool, there's apparently another new froyo company looking to launch: Cloud Top on Colorado Boulevard near the Laemmle theaters. According to their website, which is all fluffy white clouds and blue skies of course, it's "pure organic frozen yogurt enhanced with harmonizing functional health benefits." It's froyo to "the highest level." And?.cue the eye rolling. [EaterWire]

VENICE: Yo! Venice caught signage for a new gelato and sorbet shop called N'iceCream opening on September 20. The description says it's a "small family-run European company," so is this a chain? And why is this in the Froyo War? It's right next to the Pinkberry on Abbot Kinney. [Yo! Venice]

PICO/ROBERTSON: A reader queries about a froyo shop she heard about: "Have you heard anything about Toppings? It's a new self-serve yogurt place on Robertson somewhere around Pico, I think. I can't find any info on it but thought maybe you new the scoop?" We've got nothing, anyone else? [EaterWire]

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