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Fried Food Fair

You've seen the commercials and now it's here: The LA County Fair opens in Pomona today, beginning what could be an 18-day gorgefest. Sure, there's music, art, games, dog shows, rides and other fair fun, but you know it's really all about the food: Deep-fried Spam with pineapples, White Castle burgers, frog legs, avocados, Twinkies; the "world's largest waffle cone," a 16-inch cone filled with two pints of gelato; Juicys Food's Outlaw Grill, which holds 2,200 turkey legs and 100 briskets and pork butts (Jan Perry...make it stop...); the wine competition. And bonus for all you Food Network wannabes---make a video on why you love deep-fried food for a chance to be a judge on the Glutton for Punishment show. Or just be a glutton. [via LAist]

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