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Froyo Wars: Red Mango vs. Pinkberry, Fresh Berry vs. FreshBerry, Pasadena is the New Vortex

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Pinkberry vs. Red Mango Korea

1) The argument over whether Red Mango or Pinkberry came first is nothing new---photo comparisons of Pinkberry and the original Red Mango in Korea is evidence alone---but it turns out having Pinkberry blaze the path of froyo success has actually helped Red Mango since it launched in the U.S. last year. [NYT; ELA]

2) Yo! Venice spotted a new froyo shop called Fresh Berry about to open and made the (obvious) ripping-off-Pinkberry comparison while linking to a corporate website for FreshBerry. Makes sense. Until the lawyer the real FreshBerry came a knockin': "[the yogurt store] doing business in Venice California is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with our client, nor is it otherwise operating as a franchise of FreshBerry?my client would also respectifully request that Yo! Venice! remove from its website any materials regarding the national FreshBerry franchise, including in particular the story titled ‘There’s a New EvilBerry on the Block.'" Done and done. [Yo! Venice]

3) Pasadena is slowly becoming ground-zero for new frozen yogurt ventures. Pinkberry opened on Fair Oaks last summer, just off the Old Town main drag. Now there's a new self-serve froyo spot next to Cheesecake Factory on Colorado, and Yogen Fruz to open next to Hooters a block away. A little more east, Cantaloop opened along the Lake Avenue Shopping District, and Cloud Top will open across from the new Roy's near the Laemmle theaters. Is this really all necessary? [EaterWire]

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