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Plywood Report: Stinkers, Cuvee, Fox Theatre, La Cachette Bistro, Dakota Lounge, Westside Tavern

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Here we are with another smashing Plywood Report, a look at all the new restuarants, bars and lounges to come. See something we missed? Do let us know. Pictures are welcome.

SILVER LAKE: We have more details about Stinkers, the new bar from Bobby Green (creator of Bigfoot Lodge, Little Cave, Lucky Tiki, Saints & Sinners) in the former Johnny's Lounge, but it's a little cryptic: "Silver Lake is going to have its very own truck stop. No big rigs out front. No lot lizards lurking about. Think Smokey and the Bandit. Burt Reynolds, Trans Am, CB radios, Coors and of course a mascot 'Stinker's' skunk or two. It'll have all the rock n' roll and punk music you love but with a bit of "East Bound and Down" mixed in?.PBR-loving Green shows his 1970's Midwestern roots with this latest theme bar." They're looking at an October debut. [PLYWOOD]

MID-CITY: This is unconfirmed for now, but a local heard that the former Rose Garden Korean restaurant just south of 3rd Street on La Brea will be called Cuvee, a "Spanish style wine bar" with no relation to Cuvee on Robertson Boulevard. There is activity inside and the windows papered over, but no signs as to what is going in. [PLYWOOD]

HOLLYWOOD: After the plans fell through for the Crobar nightclub at the historic Fox Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Metromix has details on what it will become: The Fox Theatre, a 13,000-square-foot club and event space with a 24-hour restaurant called Sweet Love Hangover that will look "60's" and "digital." Backers include Choice Hospitality Group (Ivar, Nacional, Holly's, NineThirty, Tengu), Robert Vinokur (formerly with Crobar), and Elie Samaha (Roxbury, Sunset Room). Should give The Kress (and Kitchen 24 for that matter) a run for their money. [PLYWOOD]

SANTA MONICA: There's an ABC posting for La Cachette in the 1733 Ocean Ave building. So far the only details we have are that it will be called La Cachette Bistro, and the original La Cachette will remain in Century City. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

SANTA MONICA: Temple Bar on Wilshire announced it will close at the end of September, but something called Dakota Lounge + Restaurant is already in line to replace it, according to new permits filed. As far as we know, this has no relation to Dakota Steakhouse in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

WEST LA: A reader spotted some signage for inspectors at the new Westside Tavern at the Westside Pavilion, the market-friendly restaurant helmed by former Whist chef Warren Schwartz, so we got a quick update: They are still working on the menu, construction is moving along, and opening has been pushed to December. [PLYWOOD]

Westside Tavern

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