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Design Copycats Cont.: Haus vs. LA Mill

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Haus photo from Daily Dish; LA Mill by Alen Lin for Eater

The Daily Dish dishes on Koreatown's new "dessert boutique" Haus, which they say is "(highly) reminiscent of 'coffee boutique' LA Mill in Silver Lake, right down to the Clover coffee machine, the embossed leather menu holders and the faux-ostrich upholstered chairs." So, OK, there aren't many more similarities than that (and Haus has some magic service buttons!), and Koreatown isn't Silver Lake. Maybe it's not a direct rip-off, but it does lead us to question: Why are there so many copycats in LA, and is it specific to LA? Is it the nature of the beast?

The Pinkberry knock-offs are the best example---it seemed like every fruit-color-berry-named froyo shop that opened after the first WeHo store riffed off the same candy-colored pop theme, plastic Starck knock-off furniture and all. Most recently we had the wine bottle chandeliers (Gjelina vs. La Buca), the subway tile/burger bar theme (8 oz vs. the Bowery), and of course everyone references NYC's Balthazar these days. Is this the best form of flattery, outright stealing, or, worse, is there just no creativity left?
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Lamill Coffee Boutique

1636 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 323 663 4441

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