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Top Chef Spoilage: Is Chef From Echo Park's 15 a Contestant?

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Is he here?

This tip went to the New York tipline so excuse the explanatory LA references, but it is a juicy one for our ongoing Top Chef contestant spoilage:

"There is a chef at Restaurant 15 in Echo Park that has been missing the whole summer. The restuarant got a lot of press coverage early this year...(la times, city search and yelp) I think the Chef is back. Could it be him?"
Now, this really is too vague to say it's true---there are far too many reasons why a chef would be gone for a whole summer---but we heard a whisper of something similar a few weeks ago. Consider this completely unconfirmed but interesting. We don't know the chef at 15 (UPDATE: The executive chef is Alex Eusebio, and we swear there used to be a picture of him on the 15 website, but no more. Hmm...). Anyone? Is he in the paparazzi photos? As always, tips are appreciated and anonymity is guaranteed.
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