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The Shutter: JuJu Cereal Bar, Mitsuwa Marketplace

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Here we are with another Shutter Report. We'll take reports of any and all closings in the tip jar.

2009_1_juju.jpg 1) Westwood: A tipster tells us that Juju, that cereal bar on Westwood Boulevard is now closed; there is no answer during normal business hours to confirm, which is generally confirmation itself. Much to our surprise, JuJu made it a little more than a year, and that's just serving cereal, something anyone can pretty much make on their own. It was the mix-ins that did it, we suppose: Jonathan Gold said it "was like Pinkberry without the pesky frozen yogurt." [EaterWire]

2) Little Tokyo: Angelenic has been reporting this for awhile, but Mitsuwa Marketplace is closing on Jan. 25th. The landlord is still in talks with Korean supermarket H-Mart to replace it. [Angelenic]