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Plywood Report: Maikobe, The Cabbage Patch, The Counter, Yxta Cocina

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Welcome back to our regular Plywood Report. See something we missed? Do drop us a line.

PASADENA: The last restaurant to take over the former Ruby's Diner space on Fair Oaks in Old Town, La Huasteca, closed within a year. But it wasn't necessarily because business was bad, it was because developers had plans for that building and corner parking lot. So seeing new signage for Maikobe came as a surprise. Signage touts info about the chefs---Kengo Kato and Hiro Kubota, who list Masa as alma mater, as well as Matsuhisa Aspen---and the lunch specials. Still putting the inside back together after the complete overhaul (La Huasteca had huge murals on the walls, and a completely Mexican-theme decor), but it looks like it could be within the month. [PLYWOOD]

STUDIO CITY: The Counter on Ventura near Laurel Canyon that hit some permitting snafus late last year finally started construction, according to a tipster. "It is set to open late March/early April." [PLYWOOD]

BEV HILLS: Food GPS has all sorts of info on former Rustic Canyon chef Samir Mohajer's next project: The Cabbage Patch---sure, like the dolls and the 80s dance---will have "rustic salads, sandwiches and rice bowls, with vegetarian options." Plus a burger and “tons of Mediterranean influences,” since he’s Persian. The small space was formerly O4U on Beverly Drive, and will start with weekday lunch for the local business crowd and add dinner later. [PLYWOOD]

DOWNTOWN: Angelenic says Yxta Cocina Mexicana will replace the now defunct Sixth Street Bar & Grill (Sixth and Central), to hopefully open by mid-February. The owner is Jesse Gomez of Highland Park’s 40-year-old El Arco Iris. [PLYWOOD]