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Ted Allen's Chopped

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2009_1_tedallen.jpg We're in Vegas right now so we know nothing of TV this week, but Ted Allen's new Food Network show Chopped debuted last night. Eater NY watched and noted some immediate fails: 1) Unlike Top Chef, it's hard to get attached to or root for a contestant. 2) And unlike Iron Chef these dishes aren't really wowing anybody, least of all the viewers. 3) One of the cheftestants last night was a vegetarian/vegan chef. 4) Three out of the four contestants had never cooked octopus (a mystery protein)." Others found it "mildly entertaining." But see, we still love Ted Allen and here's why: "Most people I know have the munchies for Padma. Did I ever tell you that I’ve seen her naked? True story: She was changing once during season 4 in Chicago, and, as a gentleman, I respectfully started to leave the room. And she said, “What, are you repulsed by my naked body?” So I gave her the once-over. I’ve been heterosexual ever since." [ENY; Amuse-Biatch]