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EaterWire: Ogden's Out, Campanile's Recession Deals, Serial Cheftestants, Celebrity Chef TMI

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WEHO: While checking out the Vegas scene this week, we heard that Bryan Ogden has resigned from Apple Restaurant. This isn't shocking news, considering the last we heard of the restaurant-turned-club. Ogden, who formerly helmed his father's restaurant, Bradley Ogden at Caesars Palace, is a talented chef; this just wasn't the right time or place for his concept. Rumor is he may be looking to do something in Vegas again. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY: Campanile's attempts to stay relevant in these tough times has resulted in even more bargain nights at the restaurant: It's "family dinner" night on Mondays with a family-style feast laid out for $45 per person; on Jan. 19 it's braised beef cheeks, mussels marinara, and currant shortcake with berry compote. Every Wednesday there's a "Soup Kitchen" menu (three courses for $22 per person); on Jan. 21 look for soup du jour, a choice of coq au vin or grilled trout with butternut squash risotto cakes, and homemade ice cream for dessert. [Eater Inbox]

SERIAL CHEFTESTANTS: According Eater SF, Perry Pollaci, one of the contestants on Chopped earlier this week "was also one of the slighted applicants on this season's second episode of Top Chef, a.k.a. the ep where the Top Cheffers cook at Craft for chefs who didn't make the show." And he was also on Rocco Dispirito's The Restaurant. Someone really wants to be on the TV. [ESF; EMD]

CELEBRITY CHEF TMI: Fun facts about Tony Bourdain: he's deeply disturbed by the idea of food into the bedroom, he imagines sex after dinner at the French Laundry would be "gassy and painful," and he really doesn't want to screw anyone who doesn't eat uni. And, Mario Batali's choice quote: "There's a couple of ways in life that you make someone happy by putting something inside of them. And that's food and that's sex." [SE via ENY]


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