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If you think Yelpers are bad, the class-act Citysearch users are tearing up Father's Office in Santa Monica: "I can't believe I wasted $12 on a nasty burger with some sorta gooey brown sauce I might as well call "crapola". And what the heck is spinach doing on my burger? No subsitutions? Are you freaking kidding me? All those reviewers who think this place has the best burger in town doesn't know what the **** a burger is or should be. A burger should consists of at least the following four ingredients, buns, patty, tomatoes, and ketchup. Father's Office consists of none of these. Honestly, Carl's Jr. has a better burger than this shameful excuse of a burger. And why call your fries frites? This is Los Angeles people, not Europe where people call fries frites...I'd rather splurge on half-yards at the Yard House. Here's hoping that father loses his office and joins all the other defunct poser restaurants out there." [Citysearch]

Father's Office

1018 Montana Avenue, , CA 90403 (310) 736-2224 Visit Website