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Kogi's Popularity

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2009_1_kogitruck.jpgThere's been so much love for the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck that it's causing long lines, which means they'll probably run out of food or will be late for the next stop, which probably results in impatient people, which occasionally invites police interaction. And Kogi just wants you t to simmer, people: "Yes! The lines are ridiculous! And yes! We are doing everything we possibly can to arrive on time and move the line more quickly! Know this. Understand this. The Kogi team truly busts its arse every single night because we love what we do! And if some of you can’t appreciate that because you are busy and it does suck to wait in line for longer than 20 minutes for a taco, I completely understand and respect that. ::shrugs:: All I can suggest is for you to try another truck or wait until the next one joins the Kogi team." [Kogi blog]