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Welcome to Eater LA

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Hello, friends. The last time you heard from the home office it was to introduce you to Lesley Balla, who helped us create this site and edited it for two years. Some of the things we said back then bear repeating today, as Eater LA sees its first major regime change:

Welcome to Eater LA, a clearing house and temple for all things related to eating and drinking in Tinseltown. The aim here is to obsess about the Los Angeles restaurant and nightlife scene until we're all so over it that we're excited about it again...We're excited to be landing in LA, where the sushi bar to citizen ratio is an impressive 2:1.

As for the future, we'd be lying if we said it was set in stone. Immediately, yours truly, along with Eater co-founder Lockhart Steele, will be running the blog. In the coming weeks, we expect you'll also enjoy others' musings and mumblings here, as we search for a new editor for the site (of interest? email me). Throughout, your feedback and contributions are met with open arms. There's the tipline, for intel, rants, raves, observations and whatever else you want to share with us; we've also got a flickr pool, of course, for photographic contributions; and don't forget Eater LA on Twitter, which is perhaps the single greatest breakthrough in restaurants since the grapefruit knife. Now, let's get on with the show. Thanks for playing.—BL
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