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The Dish: Downtown's Crocker Club Soft-Opens Tonight

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[Crocker Club photos courtesy this awesome LA Times slideshow]

New Downtown hotspot-to-be-lest-the-universe-implode Crocker Club, a Plywood vet, talked about forever and most recently slated for a September open, throws open its doors, sort of, tonight. Refresher: the lounge is in the basement of the Crocker Citizens National Bank Building (reborn as the Spring Arts Tower, at 5th and Spring), and is the handiwork of Hollywood nightlife denizen Vincent Terzian. Decor is plush-vault. Spin is, shall, we say, post-absurdist, as witnessed in this LA Times reveal:

The manager of the Spring Arts Tower, Kevin Taylor, backs up Terzian's claim, saying many in the building, including himself, have seen spirits all over the building. "I get reports of haunting periodically," says Taylor. "We get a lot of 'transparent man' sightings on the ninth floor, and I've heard a lot of stories about the basement from production companies that have shot down there."
So just how underground is this underground lair? Let's let the LA Times caption for the above top left photo spell that out for us: "The only indication from the street that the basement lounge exists is the giant flag above the entrance." Other than that, totally underground! It's private parties this weekend in advance of the formal open next week; reports from the scene welcome.
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