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Fight Night: Little Restaurant Spawns Big Rage

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Because it's Friday afternoon, we bring you word of an altercation earlier this week at a rather unlikely venue, West 3rd's Little Next Door. NB said altercation took place in the presence of Eater LA editor emeritus Lesley Balla and Racked LA alum Tasha Nita Adams, who relays the tale on her blog, Blackburn and Sweetzer:

I was grabbing a glass of wine at Little Next Door with Lesley Balla—who, by the way, will be helming Tasting Table LA, launching in February—when a fight broke out, moving from the outdoor patio seating onto the sidewalk. A number of waiters assisted in breaking the two guys apart. It probably only lasted 30 seconds, but I was so enthralled, I failed to nab a photo. I believe one of the brawlers left, the other one sat back down at a table, looking like he’d had a bit too much vin. Hopefully, those yummy gratis macaroons that come with the check improved his mood.
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