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EaterWire: Nickel Diner Adds Dinner, Baristas Tangle at Intelligentsia!

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DOWNTOWN—Our friends at Blogdowntown bring word that Main Street mainstay Nickel Diner is finally adding dinner hours, starting tonight. Hereafter, dinner will be served Tues.-Sat., 6pm-11pm, with a menu similar but not identical to the daytime fare. [BlogDowntown]

2009_01_barista.jpgDOWNTOWN—Also of note downtown (especially if you're not getting into Crocker Club), by way of some juicy press release action in our inbox: "Intelligentsia will be hosting the Western Regional Barista Competition starting Friday, Jan 23 thru Sun Jan 25. Coffee lovers, true believers, under-macchiato’d hopefuls, join us at the Spring Arts Tower, 453 Spring St, (downtown) Los Angeles. Coffee and espresso will be served throughout the event." More here. Rawr! [EaterWire]