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Vital Update: Molly's Saved, For This Year... and Beyond?

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Earlier this week, we brought word of bad tidings for Molly's, the quirky but beloved Hollywood hamburger stand. It seemed at the time that redevelopment, in the form of an eight-story office building, would result in Molly's being razed sometime this spring. But, via the Eater comments and our inbox, we get word from the inside that the future may not be so bleak:

hi folks, this is jake im the son of the owner of Molly's and im here to say that the demise of Molly's has been greatly exaggerated. According to my mom, she plans to keep the place open until the end of the year. so until then, please come in and enjoy a "dirty, potentially poisonous, potentially satisfyingly greasy—burger" while you still can. thnx
Beyond 2009, things are also looking okay.

Emails another tipster,

We went to eat there today after seeing this article, and the proprietors say that this isn't happening until next year, and that they will probably have a location on the same site once the construction is finished (whether they meant in the new building or not was unclear). So... there you go.
And there we go. Happy Friday, friends!
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