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EaterWire: Casa Preps Saturday Dinner, Inside the DNA of Dusty's Website!

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DOWNTOWN—Because goodness knows we simply cannot get enough of Casa, the new restaurant from Mendocino Farms' Mario del Pero with former Blue Velvet chef Kris Morningstar at the stove, we hereby pass along the news that as of this coming Saturday, Jan. 31, the place will be open for dinner on Saturday nights. (Previously, it's just been on a Monday-Friday schedule.) Ra. [EaterWire Inbox]


SILVER LAKE—The good folks over at Zagat notice an eerie similarity between the website of Silver Lake bistro Dusty's and New York City brasserie Balthazar. Quoth Zagat, "Keith McNally's Balthazar has understandably been copied across the country by restaurateurs looking to recreate some of the original's magic combination of bistro and glitz. But who knew the restaurant's website was also up for grabs as 'inspiration'?" Compare and contrast the two sites yourself here and here. [Zagat Buzz]