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The Shutter: Pinkberry Sets in Brentwood, Vinoteque Still Closed in Culver City, Farewell Mitsuwa Marketplace

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The Shutter reports on departing, or departed, restaurants and bars around town. Seen someone close the door for the last time? Let us know.

2007_12_pinkberry.jpgBRENTWOOD—An Eater operative emails, "Is Pinkberry in Brentwood closed? I saw that the Brentwood (Barrington Court) location for Pinkberry is no longer on their website. When I called the phone # (310) 472-8983, it was disconnected. I didn't have time to go by, but maybe your readers know something." Repeated calls to the venue have also yielded a disconnected number. Anyone got the final nail so we can hammer this coffin shut? UPDATE: A commenter confirms. [EaterWire]

CULVER CITY—So it's been almost five months since Vinoteque, the wine bar/tapas bar on Sepulveda closed to resolve "liquor license issues." Emails a tipster, "I passed by on Sunday and noticed the hand-lettered sign is still on the door. Closed." Updates on this sad story welcome to the tipline. [EaterWire]

LITTLE TOKYO—We've all known this was coming for awhile (and this is really more the terrain of our sisterly shopping site Racked LA), but attention must be paid to yesterday's final closing of Little Tokyo's legendary supermarket, Mitsuwa Marketplace. The LATimes' Teresa Wantabe files an endearing elegy. Godspeed. [LAT]