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Pinkberry Setting?

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2009_01_pset.jpgAn Eater commenter reacts to yesterday's news of a Brentwood Pinkberry closing: "That's 2 Pinkberries closed on the Westside (Main Street in Santa Monica being the other). It's looking like Pinkberry will have negative growth (closing more stores than they open) in 2009. I imagine those that are doing ok will try to ride it out through the more lucrative summer months. Unfortunately, they opened almost all of their locations while we were in a massive housing, commercial property, commodities, etc... bubble. They also seemed to be rather aggressive in their expansion, which means they likely signed on for leases that were priced at or near the peak of the bubble. Many businesses that opened over the past few years will have the same fate." Discuss. [~E~]

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