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Good News/Bad News: Early Word on DineLA

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The eating festival/shitshow that is DineLA kicked off on Sunday, and Eater LA readers have been quick to report on their experiences thus far. Herewith, a summary, and a request for additional tales of glory, pain, and general sustenance.

[Awesomely useful Restaurant Week Map by South Bay Foodie]

BAD NEWS: Writes a guest commenter, "Went to Katsuya Glendale for Dine La and this is a warning to all new people trying it out. Dont let these restaurants give you half portions and let them get away with it. Theyre desperately getting you in the door with these low prices and once you get there they give you tiny portions! After I said something about the portions the manager gave me a stupid answer that the apps were made smaller but the entrees are the same! Be careful for desperate restaurants in these recession times. They are more desperate than ever!"

GOOD NEWS H.C. (aka TK) reports, "I went to the Bazaar last night; yes it is $44 and yes, how much you save depends on the price-value of what you order. It's basically 3 tapas from the entire rojo and blanco menu (minus the meats and cheese sections) and any $10 dessert from the patisserie (which is the majority of them anyways) plus a mini "philly" or "hilly" sandwich. It was an interesting dining experience overall, and def. a good opportunity to check out some of the pricier tapas at a discount (canned king crab with raspberries, lobster medallions) -- will blog about it later this week."

BAD NEWS: Ripostes a guest commenter, Went to Bazaar today, at $44 if you order 3 of the more inexpensive items ($8) you would actually be paying more by doing dineLA. We quickly realized this and made a point of trying some pricier items. I think we saved around $2 per person. Not worth bothering, partly because they choose the fourth course, partly because it excludes some items. I think we lost on this deal. Corkage $30 (x2). Parking $10 (x3) - No Validation. Left Hungry. Writing a Letter."